Tadcaster Historical Society is a local history group which meets monthly to hear an historical lecture, but is also engaged in historical research, both individually and in groups. Together, the Society has produced several books on the history of Tadcaster and a regular publication Breadcrumbs. This research includes a major achievement: the transcription and translation from Latin into English of the Manor Court Rolls of the Percy Manor of Tadcaster for the 16th and 17th Century. Also, in 2015 the Society obtained funding for an archaeological dig close to the site of the Motte and Bailey Castle in Tadcaster. A Report of the dig is available on-line.


June 2nd
A historical walk around Tadcaster
Weather permiting, a walk around Tadcaster town centre with talks about various places of historical interest. Meet at the Bridge by Cooplands at 7pm.


The current issue is : December 2021

  • Lost pubs of West Tadcaster - the Crown
  • Below stairs at Grimston Park - John Fielden
  • The Henge at Newton Kyme
  • Forgery at the Buckles Inn
  • The Scottish Raid on Tadcaster

Earlier issues of Breadcrumbs

Dig Report
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A Brief History of Tadcaster / Tadcaster Historical Society.

This new edition is a major revision of the first "Brief History" which was published in 1988, incorporating events over the past 30 years and recent discoveries about the town's history. The text is enhanced by an increased number of photographs and maps, some in colour.

Contents :
Tadcaster chronology,  Tadcaster's Lords of the Manor,  The English Civil War ,  Religious Tadcaster,  Education ,  Transport in Tadcaster,  Brewing ,  Notable Buildings in Tadcaster ,  Archaeology around Tadcaster

2018. 70p, photographs, maps. ISBN 978-0-95322495-1.
This publication is now available either in local newsagents or by order though email. £5 plus postage.

Everyday life in Tadcaster : as seen through the Manor Court Rolls of the 16th and 17th century / Tadcaster Historical Society
"Wrangling neighbours, straying sheep,
  Thieves and vagabonds, rotten meat.
The Manor Court in Tadcaster, run by the lord of the manor, dealt with all offences and misdemeanours committed within the manor as well as administering the agricultural system on which everyone depended. This booklet explains how the manor court worked and looks at everyday life in the town. It describes the extent of the manor and the buildings within it, together with a brief history of its lords, the role of women and the importance of money.
2005. 45p. ISBN 0-9532249-1-0. £5 plus postage.
Tadcaster, 16th Century Manor Court Rolls : 1498-1599 / transcribed and translated by Tadcaster Historical Society
The complete translation of the rolls.
2005. xxi, 139p, index. ISBN 0-95322492-9. £20 plus postage
This publication also available as a PDF file sent by email. £5
Tadcaster, 17th Century Manor Court Rolls : 1636-1670 / transcribed and translated by Tadcaster Historical Society
The complete translation of the rolls.
2005. xxi, 162p, index. ISBN 0-95322493-7. £20 plus postage
This publication also available as a PDF file sent by email. £5
Tadcaster's pubs : a brief history / Ian Page.
A brief history of brewing and the public house followed by a list of hotels, pubs and beer houses known to have been located in Tadcaster and the surrounding villages. Information includes their location, landlords, tenants and any change in name over time.
2008. 72p. £5 plus postage.
Tadcaster history : coaches, boats and trains / Ian Page
Up to the early 19th Century Tadcaster was an important coaching town and inland port; its economy dependant on travellers and trade. However from the 1840's with the growth of railway travel Tadcaster's existing road and river trade collapsed. Eventually even the railway succumbed to modern motor transport which nowadays is solely responsible for shifting the huge quantities of beer brewed and bottled in the town.
2010. 54p. £5 plus postage

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