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List of books by keyword

Sheep, bell and ploughshares: the stories of two village families by Majorie Reeves. ISBN 0586083499 1980
Bratton Reeves (Family), ca 1774-1914
Whitaker (Family), ca 1446-1914

Angelica Kauffmann by Dorothy Moulton Mayer. ISBN 0900675683 1972
Kauffmann, Angelica, 1741-1807 (Artist)
192 p. : plates, ports. ; 24 cm.

A Nervous Splendour: Vienna, 1888-89 by Frederick Morton. ISBN 014005667X
Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, 1858-1889 -- Suicide, death and burial
Vienna (Austria) -- Intellectual life 1815-1919
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Good company : the story of Scottish and Newcastle by Berry Ritchie. ISBN 0907383084
Brewers -- Scotland -- History

Leisure and pleasure in the nineteenth century by Stella Margetson. ISBN 0304932418
Great Britain - Social life and customs - 19th century
[10], 228 p. : 9 plates, illus., port. ; 22 cm
Short history of our own times [to 1880] by Justin McCarthy (1830-1912). 1907
History - Great Britain - Victorian
Medieval Britain by Denis Richards & Arnold Ellis. ISBN 0582314879
288p. : illustrations, facsimilies, genealogical tables, maps, portraits, bibliography ; 24cm
British civilization, 449 to 1485 - Secondary school texts
Britain : Rome's most northerly province by GN Durrant. ISBN 0713515139 1969
Great Britain - History - Roman period, 55 B.C.-449 A.D.
(vi),179p,16p of plates : illustrated, maps, bibliography

The Cardinal de Bernis by Sir Markus Cheke. 1958
Bernis, François Joachim de Pierre de comte de Lyon, Cardinal 1715-1794.
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310 p : ill ; 22 cm, bibliography, index.
The white monks: Cistercians in Britain, 1128-1540 by Glyn Coppack. ISBN 0752414135 1998
Cistercian monasteries - Great Britain - History c 500 to c 1000
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159 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 25 cm. Includes bibliographical references and index

Just who were the Cistercians, why were they so successful and what impact did they have on medieval Britain? Drawing extensively on the latest archaeological research as well as the documentary evidence, Coppack answers these questions.

Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Costume (including Cretan costume) by Mary Houston. 1931
Costume - Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Crete - History.
xi, 106 p : ill ; 24 cm, includes bibliographical references

Containing fourteen full-page illustrations, eight of them in colour, and ninety-three in pen and ink throughout the text

The mammoth book of Egyptian who-dun-its by Mike Ashley. ISBN 1841195057 2002
Crime &mystery ; Collections &anthologies of various literary forms ; Historical fiction ; Short stories
Egypt - History - To 640 A.D. - Fiction.
xv, 496 p. ; 20 cm.

Mystery and murder from the Sands of Time; This anthology covers two periods in history - the time of 'Ancient Egypt' which stretches from the First Dynasty in 4000 BC to the time of the Roman Empire, and the time of the Discoveries, which covers the Napoleonic and Victorian periods of excavation. The anthology will be a collection of new stories and rare reprints, including contributions from Lynda Robinson, featuring Lord Meren, Lauren Haney and a Lieutenant Bak mystery, plus stories from Gillian Linscott, Kate Ellis, Marilyn Todd, Paul Doherty, Suzanne Franke, Amy Myers, Michael Pearce, Elizabeth Peters and many more.

England in the Eighteenth Century by JH Plumb. ISBN 0140202315 1971
Great Britain - History - 18th century.
224 p. ; 19 cm.

This history of England in the 18th century is not a chronological narrative of ministries and wars, but a history of the development of English society; the ministries and wars, of course, have their place, but no greater a place than the economic, cultural, and social history of the time. The book is divided into three parts: the ages of Walpole, of Chatham, and of Pitt.

Life in anglo-saxon England by RI Page. ISBN 0713414618 1970
Great Britain - History - Anglo-Saxon period, 449-1066.
xii, 179 p. : illus., facsims ; 23 cm. Includes bibliographies.
Teach Yourself History of England by William McElwee.
Jacobean who-done-its by Mike Ashley. ISBN 1845293037
Geoffery Chaucer of England by Marchette Chute. 1946
347 pages
Life in medieval England by JJ Bagley. 1960 ISBN 0713414537
xvi, 175 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. (hbk) Includes index, bibliographies.

French Revolution by George Rudé. ISBN 0297796178 1988
[192]p. : maps ; 24cm. Includes index.
France - Politics and government - Revolution, 1789-1799.
Early modern Europe: 1450 to about 1720 by Sir George Clark. 1970

A more recent version is available online from Google. This new version is thoroughly updated to include expanded coverage of the late eighteenth century and the Enlightenment, and incorporates recent advances in gender history, global connections and cultural analysis. It features summaries, timelines, maps, illustrations and discussion questions to support the student.

Historical research
Discovering Archaeology in England and Wales by James Dyer. ISBN 0852633408 1976
85p. : ill., plans ; 18cm; Bibl.: p.80. - Index.
Archaeological investigation - England, Wales
Local historian's encyclopedia by John Richardson. ISBN 0950365602 1974
3-312p : ill. ; 20 cm. Bibl., p.275-283. - Index
Great Britain - Local history - Research, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries
Tracing your ancestors by Marilyn Yurdan. ISBN 0715300296 1988
192p : facsims,1geneal.table ; 22cm; Bibliography: p188-190. - Includes index.
Family history ; Genealogy, heraldry, names and honours

The overseas branches; parish registers; birth and baptism; marriage; work and play; parish life; death and burial. Designed to guide the reader through the essential steps towards tracing his or her own family's history, this book aims to avoid the necessity of working through dull record offices, and instead to adopt an approach leading to the most interesting facts in a variety of ways. As well as providing information needed at the start of the search, the book contains examples and amusing anecdotes which can form a basis for useful research. The advice is intended for all those, whether established family historians or complete newcomers - including people of British descent now living overseas - who wish to pursue the subject.

The London girl of the 1880's by MV Hughes. ISBN 0192812432 1978
245 p. ; 20 cm.
London (England) — Social life and customs — 19th century.

First published in 1936 as A London girl of the eighties. Part 2 of the trilogy A London family 1870-1900.

National Trust
Fellbrigg: the story of a house by Kentton Cremer. ISBN 0712615024 1986,
x,304p : ill, 1geneal.table,1map ; 22cm. Bibliography: p292-296. - Includes index
Felbrigg Hall (Norfolk)
Treasures of the National Trust by Robin Fedden. ISBN 022401241X, ISBN-13: 978-0224012416 1976
208p : ill[some col], 1map, ports[1 col] ; 26cm. Bibliography, index.
England - National Trust properties - Art objects - ca 1450-ca 1900

Borgias by Harry Edgington. ISBN 0600203182 1981
203p,[4]p of plates : ill., ports. ; 18cm.
Italy - Borgia (Family) - Biographies
Captain James Cook by Richard Hough. ISBN 0340617233 1995
xx,492p,[16]p of plates : ill, maps,ports ; 18cm. Includes index.
Explorers - Great Britain - Biography.

James Cook was the last of the romantic navigators. In his relatively short life, he voyaged to the eastern and western seabords of America, the north and south Pacific, the Arctic and Antarctic, New Zealand and Australia. This biography offers insight into one of the world's greatest mariners.

Disraëli: a picture of the Victorian age by Andre Maurois. 1932
Disraëli, Benjamin 1804-1881.
Great Britain - Politics and government - Prime Ministers.
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x, 334 p. : port. ; 21 cm.

Translation of La Vie de Disraëli by Hamish Miles.

Royal adventures [children's book] by RJ Unstead ; illustrated by William Stobbs. ISBN 0552540188 1972
143p. : ill. ; 20cm.
Kings and rulers — Juvenile literature.
Charlemagne and Roland by Allan Massie. ISBN 9780297850694 2007
viii, 232 p. ; 24 cm.
Charlemagne Emperor 742-814 - Fiction.
More details ...
Roland (Legendary character) - Fiction.

A truly European monarch, Charlemagne was king of the Franks from 768 to 814 and for some of that time king of the Lombards, too. From 800, when at Mass on Christmas day in Rome, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Imperator Romanorum (Emperor of the Romans) he became the renewer of the Western Empire, which had expired in the 5th century. His dual role as Emperor and King of the Franks provided the historical link between the Imperial dignity and the Frankish kingdoms and later Germany. Today both France and Germany look to him as a founding figure of their respective countries. His nephew, Roland, was also renowned for his prowess in battle and was the inspiration for the Chanson de Roland which recounts the story of the battle of Roncesvalles, in which he died. In this original novel, the third in his trilogy,

Elizabeth 2
The Queen's Silver Jubilee 2002 by Tadcaster Town Council. 2002
George 3
King George 3rd by John Brooke. ISBN 0094561109 1972
xix, 411, [18] p. : illus., geneal. table, ports. (1 col.). bibliography ; 26 cm.
George III, King of Great Britain 1738-1820.
Charles Edward Stuart by David Daiches. ISBN 0500250340
Intercepted post 1745 [Secretary of Charles I and Charles II] by Donald Nicholas. 1956
152 p. : port. ; 23 cm.
Jacobite Rebellion, 1745-1746 — Sources.

Letters written at the time of Prince Charles Edward's descent upon the Lowlands of Scotland, his stay in Edinburgh, and his march to Carlisle. August-December 1745.

James I of England : the wisest fool in Christendom by C & H Steeholm. 1938
478 p. : ill., facsims., ports. ; 25 cm. Bibliography.
James I, King of Great Britain and Ireland — Studies.
The Great Rebellion : vol. 1: The King's peace, 1647-1641. by VC Wedgewood. ISBN 112106339X 1966
510 pages

The years 1637-1641 marked the ominous shift from the days when King Charles I of England felt himself the world's happiest monarch to the calling of the Long Parliament which presaged his downfall. Even in 1637 there were Problems that pointed the way,- the Hampden case, the reform of the Scottish Church, various prosecutions in the Star Chamber, changed conditions in Ireland, and so on. Problems of revenue dogged the whole of his reign. The signing of the Covenant consolidated the forces against him in Scotland. But issues came to a head in the struggle for the control of the military.

The rash adventurer [Bonnie Prince Charlie] by Margaret Foster.
The Stuarts by JE Kenyon. ISBN 0006329527
The trials of Charles I by C Wedgewood. ISBN
Queen Elizabeth I by Jane Neale. ISBN 0586049738
The Tudors by Christopher Morris. ISBN 0006329519

Interpretation of history: the Vikings

[A student exercise]

Civil War
Cromwell by Antonia Fraser. ISBN 0413573907
Siege of York 1644 by Peter Wenham. ISBN 1850721475
Crimea War
Nurse at the Russian front. diary 1914 - 18 by Florence Farnborough. ISBN 009459970x
And no quarter: being the chronicle of the wars of montrose
Napoleonic War
Age of Wellington by Leonard Cooper. ISBN
A near run thing by David Howarth. ISBN

Battle of Waterloo

The day before sunrise [2nd World War] by Thomas Wiseman. ISBN

Firearms by Howard Ricketts. ISBN 706400410

Nice illustrations

Barwick in Elmet
A greater wonder: a history of methodism in Barwick by Arthur Bantoft.
The counting house [Thomas Thompson of Hull] by Arthur Robinson. ISBN 1850721025
Thoresby Society Miscellany 190
Thoresby Society Miscellany 1906
Viewing the breathless corpse : coroners and inquest in Victorian Leeds by Sylvia Barnard. ISBN 0953978109
An illustrated guide to Leeds Archive ISBN 1870453077
Manor and borough of Leeds, 1425 - 1662 by Thoresby Society. ISBN 0082-4232
Testamenta Leodiensia 1546 - 53 by Thoresby Society.
manuscripts &deeds
Catalogue of manuscripts and deeds in the Yorkshire Archaeological Society by EW Crossley.
Shore in Stansfield: a pennine weaving community 1660-1750 by Workers' Educational Association, Cornholme branch. 1986

Yorkshire Rivers No 7: River Rye and the Ricall by Tom Bradley.
Yorkshire rivers: Number 1 the Wharfe by Tom Bradley. ISBN
A walk around historical Tadcaster by Tadcaster Civic Society.
History of Calcaria Lodge, Tadcaster 1897 - 1988 by Calcaria Lodge of Freemasons, Tadcaster.
John Smith and his Tadcaster Brewery by David Ward and George Tattersall-Walker. ISBN