A list of lectures, talks and visits from the past few years.


March 5th
Tadcaster's Pubs - Paul Smith
February 6th
AGM Brewing film - "Magnet"
The AGM will be followed by a showing of the film "Magnet". Filmed in 1964 by C. H. Wood of Bradford, this is a promotional film for the Tadcaster brewery of John Smiths and their Magnet beer. The film contains extensive footage of the entire process of brewing beer from its origins in barley to the end product being delivered to pubs. This film has been provided by the Yorkshire Film Archive (Film ID: YFA 4898)
(There was no meeting in January.)


December 5th
The Board School in Station Road : Isobel Stones

It is still just possible to make out the name 'BOARD SCHOOL' on the gable end, but the date the building was opened is now lost.
November 7th
Dating old photographs : John Firth
The Tadcaster Community Archive has a large collection of photographs of the town. However it has not always been possible to record an accurate date for all photographs. A date has therefore to be inferred from objects appearing in the image; clothing, shop names, vehicles, street lamps and so forth. Dating old photographs thus becomes an interesting voyage of discovery through the minutiae of daily life.
October 3rd
Clifford Flax Mill : Alan Pennington
September 5th
The Yorkshire Air Museum's Halifax Bomber : Barry Fisher
August 1st
Historical walk aroung Clifford
7pm — a walk around Clifford with a guide to tell us about the history of the village.
July 4th
Historical Walk around Tadcaster
7pm — meet at Cooplands for a walk around Tadcaster talking about the history of some of the buildings as we go
June 6th
Walking tour of historic Sherburn
We are meeting at All Saint's Church, on Church Hill off Kirkgate for a 2pm start. There is parking by the Church Hall and some at the scout hut lower down the road. Sherburn Historical Society are hosting this visit and have arranged a short talk in the Church followed by a walk to the Old Girls' School. There we will have another talk on the history and renovation of the School which is now used as a Community Centre. Refreshments will be provided at the School.
May 2nd
Old maps of Tadcaster : Bill Oldroyd
April 4th
Yorkshire women in World War One : Lucy Moore
March 7th
The Romans in York : Jim Birdsall
February 7th
Annual General Meeting / Pictures from the Archive : Peter Bradshaw

The Annual General Meeting will be followed by a selection of images from the Community Photographic Archive
January 3rd
Grimston Park : Gil Firth
The history of the park, buildings and owners up to to its sale to the Fielden family in 1872


December 6th
How Tadcaster was built : Andy McRoyall
A look at local building materials and construction techniques
November 1st
Indians Jones never had these problems! : Philip Moore and Leigh Garst (West Yorkshire Archaeological Service)
How commercial archaeology works - the frustrations, finding more than we bargained for and the brilliant moments of discovery.
October 4th
Tadcaster Parish Records : John Firth
Outlining some of the interesting information about Tadcaster's inhabitants contained in the records.
September 6th
19th/20th Century Milling in Tadcaster : David Page
Grain and animal feed production in the mills in Mill Lane

A lithograph of Tadcaster Mill published in 1868.

David Page has kindly provided the society with a shortened version of his book:
Pages of 20th Century Tadcaster: a contemporary account of 20th century Tadcaster.
Members may download a copy of the book here.

Summer visit
August 2nd
Toulston Lodge (Tadcaster Grammar School).
Meet at 2pm.
This tour offers the chance to see the interior of the Lodge which was redesigned by the Tadcaster architects Bromet and Thorman. (You may be amused by the BBC Domesday entry for the Tadcaster compiled by school children in 1986.)

Toulston Lodge in the early 20th Century.

Summer visit
July 5th
St Mary's Church, Tadcaster. Meet at 2pm.
A conducted tour St Mary's church by various members of the society. St Mary's church has ancient origin, but the oldest parts are of the 14th and 15th centuries. The church was often flooded. In 1875 the church was carefully dismantled and over the next two years rebuilt with the floor 5 feet higher. Unfortunately this did not prevent the church being flooded in 2015. The entry in the Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture"

St Mary's Tadcaster in the 19th century.

Summer visit
June 7th
All Saints Church, Saxton. Meet at 7-30 pm.
A talk and conducted tour of this 12th century church by Peter Jesty. The church is famous for the grave of Lord Dacre, killed at the battle of Towton and buried with his horse. There is a comprehensive entry for the church in the Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture"

A medieval cross on the wall of the church tower.

May 3rd
The Vindolanda Tablets - letters and lists from Roman Britain: Jim Birdsall
Vindolanda was a Roman auxiliary fort (castrum) just south of Hadrian's Wall in northern England. Archaeological excavations of the site show it was under Roman occupation from roughly 85 AD to 370 AD. In recent years the discovery of well-preserved writing tablets has provided a unique insight into the lives of the fort's inhabitants.
(This talk postponed from March due to the bad weather.)

A model of Vindolanda and the associated vicus

The Travelling Engine : Chris Jameson
Moving heavy loads through the ages. The talk will be followed by a video of the last train from Church Fenton to Tadcaster.

A view of the Middleton Railway in 1814, the engine moving coal from the colliery to a wharf on the River Aire. The first commercial use of a steam engine, constructed in Leeds by Fenton, Murray and Wood. David Wood was once the blacksmith in Bolton Percy.

February 1st
Annual General Meeting
Followed photographs from the Tadcaster Community Archive : Peter Bradshaw
January 4th
Shandy Hall - a house of fiction : Patrick Wildgust
Marking 250 years since the death of author Laurence Sterne. Laurence Sterne (24 November 1713 -- 18 March 1768) was an Irish novelist and an Anglican clergyman. He wrote the novels The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, and also published many sermons, wrote memoirs, and was involved in local politics.
More on Laurence Sterne and Shandy Hall.


January 5th
Bridges in the Tadcaster Area : Bill Oldroyd
February 2nd
50th Anniversary and Annual General Meeting
Photos of Tadcaster in 1960, from the Community Archive
March 2nd<
The Workhouse : Linda McCarthy
Background information for Tadcaster Workhouses.
A memoir on a child's life in the Workhouse by Charles Shaw.
April 6th
The Medieval Archer : Peter Lawton
"What has it got in its pocketses"
The medieval world explored by an archer's kitbag.
May 4th
Monk Fryston archaeological digs : Ray Newton
"Finding Fryston" - an active, local archaeological group
June 1st
Spofforth Castle and All Saint's Church
English Heritage information about the castle.
July 6th
Museum Gardens, York
August 3rd
Church of All Saints, Saxton and St Mary's Chapel, Lead
September 7th
Guy Fawkes - York, London and Tadcaster : Tony Morgan
October 5th
A World War One Diary : Jeremy and Mark Swinden
November 2nd
The Baedeker Raids on York : Paul Smith
December 7th
St Mary's Church, Tadcaster : Fay and Peter Hodgson


January 7th
The history of Wetherby and surrounding villages : Victor Hawkins
February 4th
Annual General Meeting
& Local Photographs
: Peter Bradshaw
March 3rd
Interpreting old maps : Jim Brightman
April 7th
The history of the gardens of Newby Hall : Mark Jackson
May 5th
The Battle of Towton : Peter Lawton
June 2nd
Historical tour of Wetherby
July 7th
The churches of Bilborough, Healaugh and Wighill
August 4th
Historical tour of Barwick in Elmet
September 1st
Reconsidering the experience of the Battle of the Somme : Dr Peter Liddle
October 6th
Railways in the Tadcaster area : John Firth
November 3rd
The Potter family : Isobel Stones
December 1st
Pottage, Pudding and Pies :
Michelle Petyt


January 8th
Annual General Meeting : followed by an update on the Riverside Archaeological Project, a Quiz and Refreshments.
February 5th
"Down memory lane" ; a walk-through of a selection of photographs of Tadcaster, compiled by Peter Bradshaw
March 5th
Roman Roads in North Yorkshire, with special reference to the Tadcaster area : Mike Haken
April 9th
Tenants of the Percys (to the end of the 18th Century) : Margaret Dawson
May 7th
Settlement and Legacy of the Anglo-Saxons in Yorkshire : George Roe & Jenny Ashby
June 4th
A visit to Newton Kyme Church
July 2nd
A tour of the Towton Battle Field.
August 6th
A conducted tour of Bolton Percy Church.
September 3rd
Tadcaster Riverside Archaeological Dig - a report of the dig with a chance to see some of the finds : John Firth
October 1st
Gallipoli - the experience of the troops : Dr Peter Liddle
November 5th
World war One Pilots and Bramham Moor Airfield : Michael Turner
December 3rd
Dickens - the man who invented Christmas : The Charles Dickens Society (Malton Branch)
Including special Christmas refreshments !


January 23rd
Annual General Meeting : followed by a quiz and refreshments.
February 27th
Community Archaeology Project in Tadcaster : Peter Murphy and Brian Elsey who will talk about the archaeology of North Duffield and its relevance to the Motte and Bailey project in Tadcaster.
March 27th
Jane Austen : Marilyn Joice
April 24th
A guide to the Military History of Tadcaster in the Great War : Keith Matthews
May 22nd
Digitising the Historical Society Archive : John Firth
Saturday June 21st, 2-4pm
A Tour of Roman Aldborough : The tour will be conducted by a member of the Friends of Roman Aldborough; tea and cakes to follow. Further details to be provided at the meeting on May 22nd.
September 25th
The Evidence of Bones : a talk by Lesley Lambert, a member of the Richard III Society.
October 21st
The history and archaeology of the South Ainsty :
Catrina Appleby
Thursday November 27th
Tate Wilkinson : The Wandering Patentee : Isobel Stones


February 28th
The Fielden Family of Grimston Park : John Fielden
March 21st (Note, not the usual Thursday)
Pickering Church : Dr Kate Giles
April 25th
Markenfield Hall : Dr Keith Jones
May 23rd
Life in the time of Towton : Helen Cox
June 13th
An afternoon visit to Markenfield Hall : meet at the hall at 1-45pm, tour begins 2pm, cost £5. Details will be available at the meeting on May 23rd.
Sept 26th
Hadrian's Wall - life in the Romanised North of Britannia : Jim Birdsall. More details ...
October 24th
The Gascoigne Family of Parlington Hall : Brian Hull
November 28th
Roman Aldborough : Mike Turpin. (Friends of Roman Aldborough)


February 23rd
Milestones : Jeremy Howett
March 22nd
Berlin and Krakow : Margaret Dawson
April 26th
The lost library of 8th C York : Dr. Mary Garrison
May 24th
A Glorious Work. Origins of Wesleyan Methodism in Tadcaster. 1759 - 1828 : Jean Hardy
June 20th (Wednesday) 2pm
Visit to Bramham Park House
September 27th
The Churches Conservation Trust : Jane Hedley
October 25th
The Restoration of the Great East Window of York Minster : Richard Shephard
November 22nd
Mary Queen of Scots : Katie Turner
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