Tadcaster Historical Society is a small, local history group who not only meet monthly to hear an historical lecture, but are also engaged in their own research, both individually and in groups. Together, they have produced several books on the history of Tadcaster. These include a major achievement: the transcription and translation from Latin into English of the Manor Court Rolls of the Percy Manor of Tadcaster for the 16th and 17th Century.

In 2015, the Society obtained funding for an archaeological dig close to the site of the Motte and Bailey Castle in Tadcaster. The dig was successfully completed and now a Report of the dig is available in the form of an on-line file.

Programme for 2017
The next meeting

January 5th
Bridges in the Tadcaster Area : Bill Oldroyd
February 2nd
50th Anniversary and Annual General Meeting
Photos of Tadcaster in 1960, from the Community Archive
March 2nd<
The Workhouse : Linda McCarthy
Background information for Tadcaster Workhouses.
A memoir on a child's life in the Workhouse by Charles Shaw.
April 6th
The Medieval Archer : Peter Lawton
"What has it got in its pocketses"
The medieval world explored by an archer's kitbag.
May 4th
Monk Fryston archaeological digs : Ray Newton
"Finding Fryston" - an active, local archaeological group
Summer visits
June 1st
Spofforth Castle and All Saint's Church
English Heritage information about the castle. The castle is on Castle St in the centre of the village, meet there at 2pm. Car parking is in the street next to the castle.
July 6th
Museum Gardens, York
August 3rd
Church of All Saints, Saxton and St Mary's Chapel, Lead
September 7th
Guy Fawkes - York, London and Tadcaster : Tony Morgan
October 5th
A World War One Diary : Jeremy and Mark Swinden
next meeting
November 2nd
The Baedeker Raids on York : Paul Smith
December 7th
St Mary's Church, Tadcaster : Fay and Peter Hodgson

Meetings are on the first Thursday of the month at 7-30pm,
at the Tadcaster Methodist Church.

Admission is free to members, visitors £1.50 and refreshments free.

New members can join the Society at any of the meetings. The single membership fee is £7-50 per calendar year. The fee for a couple is £12.


NEW -- Tadcaster Photo Album Volume 3 / Ian Page, Jeremy Swinden, Val and Geoff Shipley.
A selection of old photographs of Tadcaster and associated descriptions. This is a reprint of this volume with updates to some of the descriptions. It was first published by Tadcaster Civic Society in 2002.
2016. 29p. Available in local newsagents £5 or by post
A brief History of Tadcaster / Tadcaster Historical Society.
1998. 45p. ISBN 0-9532249-0-2. £5 plus postage
Everyday life in Tadcaster : as seen through the Manor Court Rolls of the 16th and 17th century / Tadcaster Historical Society
"Wrangling neighbours, straying sheep,
  Thieves and vagabonds, rotten meat.
The Manor Court in Tadcaster, run by the lord of the manor, dealt with all offences and misdemeanours committed within the manor as well as administering the agricultural system on which everyone depended. This booklet explains how the manor court worked and looks at everyday life in the town. It describes the extent of the manor and the buildings within it, together with a brief history of its lords, the role of women and the importance of money.
2005. 45p. ISBN 0-9532249-1-0. £5 plus postage.
Tadcaster, 16th Century Manor Court Rolls : 1498-1599 / transcribed and translated by Tadcaster Historical Society
The complete translation of the rolls.
2005. xxi, 139p, index. ISBN 0-9532249-2-9. £20 plus postage
Tadcaster, 17th Century Manor Court Rolls : 1636-1670 / transcribed and translated by Tadcaster Historical Society
The complete translation of the rolls.
2005. xxi, 162p, index. ISBN 0-9532249-3-7. £20 plus postage
Tadcaster's pubs : a brief history / Ian Page.
2008. 72p. £5 plus postage.
Tadcaster history : coaches, boats and trains / Ian Page
The coming of the railway to Tadcaster had an important impact on the existing road and river transport: the railway itself eventually succumbing to modern motor transport.
2010. 54p. £5 plus postage

Publications are on sale in local newsagents. They can also be ordered by email. Postage varies and will be advised in response to the email order.

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